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Become a Affiliate

Promote our services or pre-made themes and earn 10% commission on every sale you send our way! Simply display one of our banner ads on your site and/or include your affiliate link in a post and watch your account balance grow as your visitors become our customers.


The process is very simple:

1. Visitor clicks on an affiliate banner ad or link on your site, social media page, or in an email.
2. The visitors IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.
3. The visitor browses our templates or services and may decide to order.
4. If the visitor orders (the order does not need to be placed during the same browser session – cookies and IPs are stored for 60 days), the order will be registered as a sale for you and you will receive a commission for this sale.

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Affiliate Terms

By submitting an online affiliate application you are agreeing that you have read understood and the terms and conditions of this agreement. Any violation of these terms will result in your affiliate account being terminated and the forfeiture of any outstanding affiliate payments earned at the time of the violation.


To be enrolled, you must submit the online application. All applications are automatically approved–however if upon review we feel your website contains objectionable, crude, or offensive material, your approval will be canceled as we do not want our ads on such sites.


Payments are processed via Paypal only. You must list a verified Paypal account on your application to receive your payments.


Payments will be sent out the first week of each month for the previous month’s sales to affiliates with a minimum balance of $20 or more.


If we suspect you are engaged in fraud, your account may be terminated without notice.


  • Place our affiliate banner ads and links on your site (banner ads are found in the “Ads” section of the affiliate manager).
  • Write a review about your experience and/or our products and services and include your affiliate link.
  • Use images from our site to promote our products or services.
  • Share your affiliate link via email or on your social media pages.



Commissions will be earned on premade themes or website maintenance and Seo services sales only. You will not be rewarded commissions on premades or custom sales made through your affiliate link at the present time. If this policy changes in the future, you will be notified via email.


We reserve the right to monitor your site as we feel necessary to assure you are abiding by our terms and guidelines.


If a payment is refunded, then the commission for the payment will be removed from your account.


We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. In such an event, you will be notified of any changes via email.


  • Make purchases through your own affiliate link.
  • Make any false claims or provide any misleading information that inaccurately describes A Blessing for You Business Services products and services.
  • Use images from our site for any purposes other than promoting A Blessing for You Business Services products or services.
  • Annoy people by spamming them about our products or services.
  • Create multiple affiliate accounts using different email addresses. Only one account per person.