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12 October
Entrepreneur Motivation

Reveal Cosmetics

Thank you Dena Bruton owner of Reveal Cosmetics  for sharing your entrepreneurial  journey with our readers, read her story here.
From the beginning Ms. Bruton knew she was different. When girls her age were playing with dolls she was intrigued with magazines and the beautiful things she saw in them. Her career in hair began at the age of 12. Later as a help to a close relative, she created a fundraiser by hand making key chains and bracelets to sell. The fundraiser snowballed into a business. At the time Dena was only 16, a full-time high school student (Kinston High) and part-time student in the Cosmetology program at Lenoir Community College. August 2007 she fulfilled her dream of opening her own salon, All Eyes on You Beauty. Dena currently serves as a platform artist, educator, and product tester for Haircology Hair products. Ms. Bruton’s work is currently published with For the People By the People Online Magazine and has been featured in publications including STS Branding Magazine, Swank Fashion Magazine, Our Success, Xklusive, and Diamond Diva Magazine and still runs her own image consulting business, All Eyes on You Beauty which serves men, women and children in all their image and beauty needs.
Dena’s passion is to help people live their dreams, thus turning their goals into reality. She has helped to create other products and decided it was now time for her to create her own. Reveal Cosmetics was formed in August 2010. After years of research and planning she began to promote and sell her products all over the east coast. Now her products are carried in boutiques, salons, and by Reveal Cosmetics Distributors.
Ms. Bruton has always felt the need to give back and in doing so she mentors those that are looking to join the beauty field. She also loves to give back locally working with local girls through her organization Better You, Better Me Girls Initiative.
Dena and her team are available to facilitate/teach business marketing sessions, motivational speaking, hair/makeup/skin care classes, women, men, and teen events. She and her team do personal shopping, grooming, closet edits and organization to name a few.
Her favorite quote, “God doesn’t make trash, so stop pretending to be worthless!”
To contact Dena call (919) 589-DIVA (3482) or email her at
5 Tips to give to an inspiring entrepreneur:
1. Turn you passion into a paycheck. Figure out how to use what fuels you to create your dream income and legacy.
2. Don’t get prepared, stay prepared. Access your weaknesses and strengths, once you have done so work on the most important areas. For example, if you have great credit you don’t need to work on that you need to focus on you poor communication skills.
3. Get a great mentor and follow thru on all assignments. Your mentor wants you to succeed. Don t hide things from them. But do make sure you have anyone working “inside” your business sign a non-compete/confidently form.
4. Keep business business, you will not be able to have dual relationships with most people. Your best friend will probably be your worst customer.
5. Do not change who you are for anyone. Being upfront a d honest may seem like a hard pill to swallow, but in the long run people remember if you do good business or not. No opportunity is worth you loosing, you.
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Most beauty brands………. Cater their makeup products to the last thing a Kardashian wore in a selfie. This is how they determine “What’s hot.” Following trends is not our thing…and quite frankly, never will be. What’s hot to us…is you feeling kissable sexy before your impromptu date. You feeling shamelessly confident, when you meet someone for the first time. You showing up at a company event, captivatingly dolled up, as if invited to the president’s black tie gala. Having friends curiously ask YOU, where you got your new cherry red lipstick from… Flawless makeup is unique to the individual. No stumbling around and clumsily trying to figure it out. We don’t “one-size-fits all” around here. The beauty you require is our desire. Glam your way…is how it should, always be done. 

Reveal Cosmetics provides an array of color cosmetics, skin care and accessories that appeal to all women. We also provide training to perfect your personal application as well as those looking to build a career in the beauty industry. Lastly, we provide opportunity for anyone looking to start their own business in the beauty industry. You work your business how you choose yet still have the backing of our company. 

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