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Web Development & Design

We develop Static and Dynamic websites customized for your business! Our development / design projects can be purchased with or without hosting and we build each website with Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3. Each website is mobile friendly thanks to the responsive framework so your website will look great on every device.

The "package" selection of the pricing chart includes :

Responsive design and development of your responsive website

Domain (reg.$14.99)

website hosting for one year (reg.$80.99)

Domain privacy (reg.$12.99)

Unlimited email-addresses

2 months of website maintenance (reg.$50.00)

Service Design Only Package
Portfolio $200 $250
Standard Website $500 $550
Complete Website $570 $600
Single Page Website (48 hour turnaround) $350 $370
Website Redesign $200 $220
Landing Page (48 hour turnaround) $100 N/A
Image/ Video Gallery $200 $250
E-Commerce $800 $890-2000
CMS $1500 $1550-2000

Mobile Application Development

We believe that when a client pays for a mobile application they should receive the best quality. We hand code and design every app,from beginning to end. Each app is built for the platform they will run on, iOS applications are built for iOS and Android applications are built for Android.

To build native applications gives each application a solid foundation to run on.

Characteristics of Native Apps

Developed specifically for the devices they live on

Downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play

Optimized for speed and performance across devices

Website Maintenance

Your website is a very valuable asset to your business, it needs specialized care to help it run efficiently. A website needs to be updated often, audited for any errors, antivirus scans, malware scans, and in working order at all times.

Using preventive maintenance, your website is actively being monitored for updates, uptime and backups.

If you find that your website has been compromised by Malware, Viruses or "Hacked". We have a Website Recovery service available.

Everything listed for $30/month

Adding, updating or deleting any text on your website

Adding, updating or resizing any images on your website

Adding, updating or deleting any links on your website

Adding, updating or deleting any files on your website

Creating new pages for you website

Modifying existing layouts

Modifications to header and footer

Adding, updating or deleting any text on your website

Renaming pages of files of optimization

Modifications to keywords, page titles and other meta data

Sitemap modifications or generation

Website Backups

Functionality troubleshooting

Maintaining your latest news or event calendar

Social Media Management

From the seasoned business owners to the complete newbies, everyone knows social media is a mandatory step to gaining exposure to your company. Social media can be very overwhelming and time consuming, which is why it has a dedicated social media management group.

Most small businesses can not afford to hire a small team of people to handle all online activities. This is where A Blessing for You Business Services can help, we specialize in social media marketing services that work within a small business's niche, budget, and expectations.

While we handle your business social media presence you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

Some of our social media management services include:

Custom-built social media business pages

Social Media Analytics and performance reporting

Posting to designated social media channels

Connecting your website, marketing materials and your social media outlets to create a unified presence

Training is also offered

One time Start fee $150

Monthly Fee $50

Social Media Set-Up

Facebook Setup and Branding

  • Facebook Business Page Setup
  • Design and upload Cover Photo
  • Upload Company Information
  • Use your chosen image of logo for thumbnail
  • Search for individuals & companies relevant to your company
  • $50

Twitter Setup and Branding

  • Create Twitter Business Profile
  • Upload Logo
  • Design of Header/ Background
  • Search for followers relevant to your industry
  • $50

Linkedin Setup and Branding

  • Create your Linkedin Business Profile
  • Upload your photo, bio and work history
  • Incorporate your Blog,Twitter feed or Facebook posts
  • Search for groups relevant to your industry
  • $50

Receive all 3 for $120

Additional Services

Static to Dynamic Conversion $370
Hourly Rate $25
Website Recovery $60-$200
Advanced SEO Service $50
Advanced Form Development $370
Rush Job Fee <30 Days-$100

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