Social Media Management

Your website is the window to your business

From the seasoned business owners to the complete newbies, everyone knows social media is a mandatory step to gaining exposure to your company. Social media can be very overwhelming and time consuming, which is why it has a dedicated social media management group.

Most small businesses can not afford to hire a small team of people to handle all online activities. This is where A Blessing for You Business Services can help, we specialize in social media marketing services that work within a small business's niche, budget, and expectations.

While we handle your business social media presence you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

Some of our social media management services include:

  • Regular posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

  • Provide quick responses to customers

  • Boost your search engine rankings

  • Highlight new products and promotions

  • Increase your following – likes, friends and followers

Our Goals for Your Business

  • Generate and nurture leads for your sales team to follow up with

  • Increase traffic to your website through social media

  • Provide interesting content and a consistent posting schedule

  • Monitor your accounts and maintain a positive social image for your company

  • Drive engagement on your accounts to increase interest with your prospects

We create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for business.

Choose The Best Pricing

Silver Plan


  • Post 3 Days per Week
  • Max Post Per Week: 3
  • 2 Platforms Included
  • Online Ticket Support
  • Social Media Strategy Plan
  • Social Media Account Audit
  • Track Follower Growth
Platinum Plan


  • Post 7 Days per Week
  • Max Post Per Week: 10
  • 4 Platforms Included
  • Online, Chat & Email Support
  • Social Media Strategy Plan
  • Social Media Account Audit
  • Track Follower Growth
  • Business Specific Hashtag
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Bi-Weekly Report
  • Research Insights 1x Month
  • Analytics
  • Monthly Paid AD Campaign
  • Contest Management
  • Brand Reputation & Monitoring